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Dave's Locker was founded in 2017 by now-retired Lieutenant Dave Matus, who started the non-profit by donating his own medical equipment following hip-surgery.  What began with just a few pieces of equipment has turned into a robust (and growing) supply of crutches, wheelchairs, knee scooters and other medical devices that are loaned free-of-charge to anyone in need.


Warm your heart  and watch Dave tell the Dave's Locker Story   (2:44)

The Locker is now managed by Firefighter Don Lindsey (on his day off) and his wife Theresa Lindsey along with a dedicated group of volunteers who staff the medical supply closet three days a week.

The Equipment Donation service provided by Dave's Locker now gathers enough equipment that we periodically provide truckloads of equipment to Project C.U.R.E. for delivery around the world!

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