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Dave's Locker was founded in 2017 by now-retired Lieutenant Dave Matus, who started the program by donating his own equipment following hip-surgery.


What began with just a few pieces of equipment has turned into a robust (and growing) supply of crutches, wheelchairs, knee scooters and other medical devices that are loaned free-of-charge to anyone in need.


Warm your heart  and watch Dave tell the Dave's Locker Story   (2:44)

The Locker is now managed by Firefighter Don Lindsey and his wife Theresa Lindsey along with a dedicated group of over 30 volunteers who staff the Locker five days a week.


Dave woke up one day and put his helping heart into action and now over 500 pieces of equipment are circulated within our community each month!

The equipment donation service provided by Dave's Locker gathers enough equipment that we periodically provide truckloads of equipment to other organizations for distribution around the world!

Warm your heart some more and watch Don and Theresa embody the helping spirit which abounds at Dave's Locker.


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