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Dave's Locker accepts donations of most mobility-related equipment.
Equipment we cannot accept :
  • Any kind of equipment like CPAP, BiPAP, oxygen tanks, or anything that dispenses oxygen. 
  • Equipment which cannot be cleaned to an acceptable reusable condition or is broken, rusting or stained.
Equipment we do accept : 
  • Unopened oxygen tubing.
  • Mobility equipment : knee scooters, wheelchairs, transport chairs, walkers, crutches, boots, canes.
  • Bathroom aids: shower benches, commodes, grab bars, etc.
  • Large/heavy items such as hospital beds, Hoyer lifts, Sit-to-Stand lifts and stair chairs are stored offsite.
    We only accept these items on +++offsite+++.

  • Have some equipment not listed here?  Call us at 720.624.6486.

To donate equipment :
  • Drop donations off at Dave's Locker located at Arvada Fire headquarters : 
    7903 Allison Way Arvada, CO 80005

  • Leave equipment OUTSIDE of Dave's Locker during our office hours.

    PLEASE: do not drop off equipment outside of our office hours; thank you!

  • To get to the Dave's Locker office, enter the building from the entrance facing Allison Way, go through two doorways and you have arrived.  Note: there are 3 steps down to the entrance.
  • You can pickup a charitable contribution form at our office or download the form.
  • An equipment pickup/drop-off service is not offered at this time.

Contact us when you arrive and we can help unload your donation.

Monetary donations are accepted and can be made to Friends of Arvada Fire District (a 501c3 which supports the Arvada Fire Protection District). You can do this online using a credit card or PayPal via this link.

Select 'Dave's Locker' from the

'Use this donation for' dropdown.

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