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Dave's Locker accepts donations of most mobility-related equipment.
Equipment we cannot accept :
  • Any kind of equipment like CPAP, BiPAP, oxygen tanks, or anything that dispenses oxygen. 
  • Equipment which cannot be cleaned to an acceptable reusable condition or is broken, rusting or stained.
Equipment we do accept : 
  • Unopened oxygen tubing.
  • Mobility equipment : knee scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, boots, canes.
  • Bathroom aids: shower benches, commodes, grab bars, etc.
  • Transport chairs, hospital beds, Hoyer lifts, Sit-to-Stand lifts, Stair chairs.
  • Have some equipment not listed here?  Call us at 720.624.6486.

To donate equipment :
  • Drop donations off at Dave's Locker located at Arvada Fire headquarters : 
    7903 Allison Way Arvada, CO 80005

  • Leave equipment OUTSIDE of Dave's Locker during our office hours.

    PLEASE: do not drop off equipment outside of our office hours; thank you!

  • To get to the Dave's Locker office, enter the building from the entrance facing Allison Way, go through two doorways and you have arrived.  Note: there are 3 steps down to the entrance.
  • You can pickup a charitable contribution form at our office or download the form.
  • An equipment pickup/drop-off service is not offered at this time.

Contact us when you arrive and we can help unload your donation.

Donations can be made to Dave's Locker / Friends of Arvada Fire Protection District using a credit card or PayPal account.

Select 'Dave's Locker' from the

'Use this donation for' dropdown.

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